Planetaria is out!

Our brand new studio album Planetaria is out.

We’ve given everything to this record – now it’s finally time to make it yours.

You can stream the album right here:

And buy LPs, CDs, and merch here:

It has been seven years since we released Saturn’s Return, and we can honestly say that we’ve worked practically every day on this album since. More than 60 songs were written for the album, and eleven made the cut. We have done almost everything in-house: writing, recording, producing and mixing, and the last couple of videos. That makes us super proud!

We want to say a big thanks to these people for helping us create Planetaria: Gavin Harrison for believing in the project and his incredible drumming, Lasse Hoile for such a badass cover and videos, our manager Mirza Radonjica and the rest of the crew at Prime Collective – Domi and Stephanie, Frida, Andreas Gai, Frank Rosgaard, Tobias Scavenius, Pia Sjøgren, Carl Glover at Aleph Studio, Martin Schultz-Petersen, Koda, DPA, DAF, Autor / Komponister og Sangskrivere and Musikforlæggerne i Danmark for financial support, Chris Kreutzfeldt for doing a stellar job mastering the album, and of course the mesmerizing dancers Lúa Mayenco, Oscar and Valdemar aka Nuke_N_Sive, who danced their way directly into our hearts in Avian Heart and Fakir.

The biggest THANK YOU we save for last – that is for YOU! Our incredible fans. We’ve seen you grow in numbers and come in from all over the world since April, when we started by releasing Avian Heart, and we’re more than grateful for all the support, enthusiasm, and smiles you bring to our little band.

Thank you so much for that!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the album, guys!

Celestial Son feat. Gavin Harrison

Today is one of the proudest days in the life of our band. Today we can reveal that the legendary drummer Gavin Harrison will be featuring on our upcoming single Avian Heart.

As many of you know, Gavin is an extraordinary drummer – maybe the best out there – and we’ve been huge fans of Gavin’s playing for many years.

Today is indeed a day to celebrate, and we really can’t wait for you all to hear this track and watch Lasse Hoile’s beautiful video.

Avian Heart featuring Gavin Harrison will be out on April 12th on all platforms through Prime Collective.

Go pre-save it right here:

Celestial Son to support Carpark North.

Celestial Son will support hitmaking electro-rock outfit Carpark North  on the 16th of August.

At this special event your favourite progrockers will bring a very different setup and I’m sure everybody attending our show will get a unique experience.
So if you’re anywhere near South Zealand (Sydsjælland) or Falster come join us at the alternative venue located at Tværmosevej 2, 4871 around 1900 hours.

A hugh shout out to TAK ROCK! /Royal Beer  for bettering the conditions for rock in good ol’ DK.
More info about the event: 

(photo cred: Ida Sjøgren)

CELESTIAL SON live at TRAIN March 25th

We’re thrilled to tell you guys that on March 25th we’ll bring the elaborate show we did at Dansehallerne  to the legendary venue Train  in Århus.

Train writes:
“Once again the innovative rock band raises the level of ambition and implements creative visual elements in a live performance of their well written songs.
With eye candy by Lasse Hoile , Karim Ghahwagi , the theatre group Tidsrum  and an impressive light show, the audience will be invited on an imaginative journey through dark universes accompanied by piercing progressive grunge.”

Tickets: here 

FB-event: here 

Train live  event info: here 

It will definitely be a night to remember and WE CANNOT WAIT! 🙂
This time around we’ll bring the talented guys from Franklin Zoo  as support.

Nothing in Excess LIVE

Earlier this year we did a rather unusual show at Dansehallerne’s beautiful stage.
With an ambitious setup – a little different than the ordinary rock concert – incorporating live shadow theatre, extraordinary visuals and a blistering light show there sure was an unforgettable feeling radiating from the enthusiastic seated crowd who filled the venue to the brim.

The whole shebang was filmed and in early 2017 we’ll release the entire show in nice full HD. We feel absolutely blessed to be working with such talented people and I just can’t wait to show you even more beautiful moving pictures from this unique night.

Until then lads – feast your eyes on this bad boy 

Watch it here: facebook 
And: youtube 

Pics from Dansehallerne

Today we have something really unique to share with you guys.

At our show at Dansehallerne we invited a very special guy and his borrowed camera. His name is Jonas Koch and he is a really sweet young fellow who also happens to be diagnosed with autism. Jonas has been attending different schools for children with special needs throughout his life and we knew that he had never photographed a concert before. Our hope was that he would maybe capture a few interesting and different rock photos of the show….

…. and my God!! Flicking through more than 2.500 shots which he snapped that night and picking out the best left me totally speechless and glued to the screen for more than two hours without moving just browsing through these incredible images.

To put it simply; Jonas has taken some of the absolute best and most intriguing rock photos I have ever seen. Looking at the first few pictures I thought well he was lucky there – but my golly it just continued.
His timing, his technique, his flair, his playfulness and especially his ability to make every shot a piece of art in it self is just amazing.

My mind is blown by his natural talent and I’m so proud on Jonas’ behalf that through these magnificent unedited pictures he clearly shows us all that even if society has you labeled with a diagnosis like autism no one should tell you what you can and what you can’t do. So if you believe you found your calling – no matter who you are – then that’s all that matters really and you should go for it.

Underneath are Jonas’ incredible photos. Enjoy!
I’m super honored that he has let his talents shine upon our show – thank you, Jonas 🙂

Unique theater show at Dansehallerne

The big night is approaching – only three weeks ’till we open the doors at Dansehallerne to our most ambitious show ever.
The 19th of May is going to be a very speciel day indeed.

Everybody in the crew is working their a…. off to bring you a innovative show that really is state of the art in merging different art forms.
We have received masterful visuals from L.A. specially designed for the concert by Karim Ghahwagi, unique video projections by the infamous Lasse Hoile and VJ-wizard Jeppe Sølling, a innovative light/smoke show made by the incredible Manocrew and a skillfully constructed live shadow theater show by the theatre company Tidsrum.

I first experienced the shadow actors from Tidsrum in their brilliant production of the puppet show Beatrice. I was so intrigued by their timeless steam-punk ideas that I just had to work with them and now almost a year later we’re crafting a beautiful show together – such a privilege.
You can get to know them and their marvelous talent a little better in this video:

Tickets are going fast, so if you wanna be sure to be there for this unique one-off show then follow these links:
More info:


Saturn’s Return out today!!

YEAH! Finally after more than five years in the making I’m finally able to present our new album.
I cannot express how much this baby means to me and how much work, strains and love has gone into making it. I’m forever grateful to all the people who has contributed to our second album. THANK YOU – you know who you are!

You can buy it through the SHOP tab or through these links:

Digital platforms:

CD – limited digipak:…/345511/Celestial_Son/Saturn’s_Return/

Deluxe limited double vinyl – 20 page booklet:…/Celestial_Son/Saturn’s_Return_(2xLP)/

And through Bandcamp:
Well, give him some respect and I promise you’ll receive in threefold.

Death Wish video out today!

It is with the outmost pride I can now reveal the third video from our upcoming album Saturn’s Return. I give you Death Wish.

Like the All I Ever Wanted video it’s with Karim Ghahwagi as director. I’ve had such a great time collaborating with Karim and I really feel that we spin the same way both personally, professionally and creatively. We have the same passion for making surreal and powerfull art even if the idea demands crazy and often hard work and strains.

This one was no different and I think the outcome is extremely powerfull and with Karim’s eye for capturing beauty in every shot the video shines so bright along the pretty cinematic track.

The magazine Bands of Tomorrow wrote a great article on the video as they did an exclusive premiere. Read it here:
Bands of Tomorrows article

Well, I hope you like it.