Pics from Dansehallerne

Today we have something really unique to share with you guys.

At our show at Dansehallerne we invited a very special guy and his borrowed camera. His name is Jonas Koch and he is a really sweet young fellow who also happens to be diagnosed with autism. Jonas has been attending different schools for children with special needs throughout his life and we knew that he had never photographed a concert before. Our hope was that he would maybe capture a few interesting and different rock photos of the show….

…. and my God!! Flicking through more than 2.500 shots which he snapped that night and picking out the best left me totally speechless and glued to the screen for more than two hours without moving just browsing through these incredible images.

To put it simply; Jonas has taken some of the absolute best and most intriguing rock photos I have ever seen. Looking at the first few pictures I thought well he was lucky there – but my golly it just continued.
His timing, his technique, his flair, his playfulness and especially his ability to make every shot a piece of art in it self is just amazing.

My mind is blown by his natural talent and I’m so proud on Jonas’ behalf that through these magnificent unedited pictures he clearly shows us all that even if society has you labeled with a diagnosis like autism no one should tell you what you can and what you can’t do. So if you believe you found your calling – no matter who you are – then that’s all that matters really and you should go for it.

Underneath are Jonas’ incredible photos. Enjoy!
I’m super honored that he has let his talents shine upon our show – thank you, Jonas 🙂

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