Death Wish video out 3rd of September

DEATH_WISH.COLLAGE.Aug2015.fin.webThe next video from the upcoming album is for the track Death Wish and will be out 3rd of September. The video is looking really really good and like the All I Ever Wanted video it’s directed by Karim Ghahwagi.
Can’t wait for you all to hear the track and see the video.


New booking agency confirmed

Like some of you probably have noticed these weeks are filled to the brim with great news from the CS-camp.
Today another great thing surfaces as we welcome the great booking/PR. agency Dedicated Booking into the fold. Owner and main booker Ria works out of L.A. so we are of course very intrigued by the prospects of this collaboration.

As the planing of the next year progresses we’ll have news on future concerts. The first ones are already linning up, so more on that soon.

Check out Dedicated Booking:

All the best,

Cover artwork released + pre-order and first single.

These days are filled with goodies from the CS-camp.
First and foremost the cover artwork for our forthcoming album Saturn’s Return has been released. It is a captivating and pretty magical image by Lasse Hoile and it consists of me and the starlit woods of Aarhus. I really think it incapsulates the moods on the album terrifically and alongside the font and the mayan logo I’ve made it comes together pretty swell. Hope you enjoy it 🙂
Alongside that it is now possible to pre-order the forthcoming album. There are two options as the record will be released in both a digipak (CD)- and a double vinyl version. Both will carry a stunning 20 page booklet with state of the art pics snapped by Lasse and various hidden treasures.

Both the releases are very limited, so you better be quick if you wanna be safe 🙂

Digipak (CD):’s_Return/

Double vinyl (2xLP):’s_Return_(2xLP)/
And for those you just can’t wait to grap the album in September – Nothing in Excess, the first single from the album, can now be purchased or streamed on multiple platforms.

A few linked below:



Other than that I just wanna wish you a very happy Summer.

Buenas, RS

All I Ever Wanted music video released.

It is with the utmost joy I can show you the second video for our upcoming album Saturn’s Return. The video had an extremely hard birth with takes lasting more than 6+ hours. During these hours I wouldn’t be able to move, drink, eat or even blink more than a few times. An experience that left me very very emotional as you will see in the end of the video.

The video is furthermore the first of it’s kind to have lip syncing in stop-motion. Noboby’s been that stupid 😉

Check out the result here:

The video is filmed and directed by the extremely talented Karim Ghahwagi in L.A. US. He has written a few words about the process on his website. Read that here:

And lastly Gaffa did an exclusive premiere on the film:

Nothing in Excess – the first tune and video from Saturn’s Return.

Finally! It is with the biggest pride that I make this post – today we release the first tunes and the first video from our forthcoming album Saturn’s Return.

The video is directed by one of my big heros from the world of music videos / photography / live visuals; Lasse Hoile.

It has been a real honor to work alongside Lasse and he has really been able to understand and convert many of the ideas I had in my head for this movie and to merge it with his own. I think that the videos expressions has found it’s very own original and dark place to settle linking X-files, nordic nature and of course the hunting tune that is Nothing in Excess.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


New name, new album and of course new WEBSITE.

As many of you already know we’ve changed the name of the band to Celestial Son. For me it is of course a change with mixed feelings. I’ve been promoting and identifying my self through the name Drone for more than a decade now and it’s just become a part of my DNA. Nonetheless I’ve grown really quite fond of the new name and it feels like a fresh bold move towards something bigger.

To really underline the change and to show you the possibilities and the vastness of the universe of this band is it is of course necessary to have a crisp website for you all to browse through.

The pictures that roam these sites are snapped by Lasse Hoile for the forthcoming album. He is indeed a skilled wizard in capturing the aesthetics of the visual world. An absolute honor to work alongside him.

Well, there will be much more content on here as we get closer to the release of the album, but I encourage you to have a look through the pages and catch a whiff of this freshly inked digital business card.

The site is made by the good folks Rasmus Hamann and Jeppe Hjorth from Puppet Arms.