Spotify Playlist

Hi Guys! We made this monthly recurring Spotify playlist – if you like our picks, please do “follow” it. It consists of tracks we’ve been listening to this past month – not necessarily what we’re inspired by. Just below the player you’ll find a little more in-depth details on this months tracks…. And while you’re at […]

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Min Oplevelse

At være med til at skabe musikvideoen Open Wound sammen med mit store idol indenfor visuel kunst Lasse Hoile og mit musikalske idol og ven Rasmus Sjøgren, var for mig en spirituel rejse, jeg aldrig vil glemme. Da Rasmus spurgte, om jeg havde lyst til at være med til optagelsen af musikvideoen Open Wound, vidste […]

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Hoile magic

As we were scrutinizing the massive piles of material for our new live video we stumbled across these picturesque and unreleased photos snapped by Lasse Hoile by the Northern Sea while he was directing the music video for Open Wound. We deemed them too special to gather dust in the archives – so here you go 🖤. Oh and while we’re […]

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Open Wound live video

This fierce performance of Open Wound was filmed during our elaborate show at Dansehallerne. I’m super proud of the result and especially very happy with the way the music video for the track blends with the live footage. I would like to use this very first blog post to give thanks to a few of the […]

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