Celestial Son (formerly known as Drone) is a progressive grunge band from Denmark founded in 2003 in Silkeborg.
Since the debut EP Misanthropia was released in 2007 Celestial Son has developed the musical style from atmospheric and electronically inspired to a more melodic, hard-hitting and ambitious expression á la Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Tool, King Crimson, Nirvana and the early Genesis. The band moves in the unexplored borderline between the progressive artrock of the seventies, the electronic and dirty industrial, complex hard rock and the melodic grunge of the nineties.

From the first note played on the bands second album Saturn’s Return it is very clear that Celestial Son is a band who’ve found it’s sound. The band is led by singer, guitarist and songwriter Rasmus Sjøgren, who’s able to unify complex songwriting with a raw and direct expression.
In September 2015 Saturn’s Return was released through Target Records and even though the album is still fresh and new, media around the world has already picked up the hype the album has produced.
E.g. Scandinavias biggest and oldest rock/metal magasin Metalized praised the album with a 8/10 review and wrote e.g. these words on the album:

“It’s the ability to take a great and catchy rock song to the next level and spice it up with an unexpected element that makes the listener catch on and crave for more.
Give Celestial Son a listen or fve. They deserve your attention.”

In conjunction with the release of album the band will publish five music videos. Three of them has already been released – one by the highly acclaimed director Lasse Hoile (Opeth, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree….) and two made in L.A. by the very talented director Karim Ghahwagi (Trentemøller, Efterklang, Kúra….).

Celestial Son released the debut album Doors of Perception in 2011 and that kick-started a lot of things for the band – e.g lived a year in Hamburg, Germany to take the band a step further the international scene, had more than 160 plays on various Danish radio channels, signed with the recognized german label Cargo Records on the debut album and played more than 80 concerts in Denmark and abroad e.g. SPOT Festivalen 2011. In May 2014 the band ventured on a european tour and garnered a lot of admiration for their captivating, candid and astonishingly tight performances. The debut album received a lot of great reviews. Music critic and reviewer Rick Dante from the US had these among other things to say about the album:

“I will say this again so you can read it again and maybe comprehend what I am trying to tell you: Celestial Son is the very best heavy prog band of the 21st century”.

Praise is not unknown for the band because in 2010 the band went all the way to the last round of DR’s Karrierekanonen and the journalists of P3 had this among other things to say about Celestial Son:

“Loaded precision from one of the tightest and most spectacular bands in Danish upcoming music. Surprisingly catchy.”


Celestial Son:
Rasmus Sjøgren – vocal, guitar, keys, songwriting, misc.
Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen – bass.
Jeppe Pradsgaard Holm – keys, pads.