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Second edition of our monthly recurring Spotify playlist – if you like our picks, please do “follow” it.
It consists of tracks we’ve been listening to this past month – not necessarily what we’re inspired by.

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Rasmus Sjøgren
Leadsinger, guitarist, keyboard, songwriter.

Track 1 School
Album Bleach
Artist Nirvana
Gnawing grunge at its finest.”

Track 2 Colors
Album Colors
Artist Beck
Shinny new tunes from one of the world’s leading pop oddballs.”

Track 3 Storyteller
Album Storyteller
Artist Gleb Kolyadin
The piano virtuoso reveals the first notes from his debut solo album with an absolute all star guest line up. February 23rd will be interesting indeed.”


Jeppe Pradsgaard Holm
Keyboard, pads, effects.

Track 1 Soul Modulation
Album Winter Limbo
Artist Noosfære
This very promising project that spans really wide. Here he introduces a unique ambitious ambient sound flow with a lot of depth.”

Track 2 Ultimatum
Album Utopia
Artist Murcof
This Mexican artist has a very deep pool of self-produced sample and sends them of on a track of straight beats and synths.”

Track 3 Fanfare
Album Enclosure
Artist John Frusciante
Mister master melancholic! In this album he brilliantly wraps his always deathly lyrics in a chaos of trip hop beats. But as always accompanied by the most life confirming melodies.”



Kenneth Rønsholt Østergaard
Guitarist, backing vocals, keyboard.

Track 1 Blue Walsh
Album Cold Dark Place
Artist Mastodon
Something a wee bit different from the heavy-prog masters.”

Track 2 Keep
Album Felt
Artist Nils Frahm
It´s hard to pick a stand alone track from this artist But i really like this album opener. It´s low-key and maybe because of that, a catalyst for emotions.”

Track 3 Woodbine
Album Soma
Artist Windhand
Really cool band with a sound that can knock your socks off! Also, the way Dorthia Cottrell uses her voice is really interesting i think. Put this record on while you drive into the sunset.”

Chris Bjørumslet

Track 1 Dot in the Sky
Album Demonstration (2017)
Artist Drab Majesty
” A mesmerizing mixture of an alien, a mime and a priestess all in one body. One of my favourite records last year!”

Track 2 Dominos
Album The Mothercycle (2017)
Artist The Mothercycle
“A powerful banger by one of the most interesting danish acts around at the moment!”

Track 3 Little Sunflower
Album Kev Beadle presents Private Collection Vol. 3
Artist Louis Hayes Group
Soothing fusion jazz for the mind and soul by Louis Hayes and fusion grandmaster Leon Thomas!”

Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen
Bass player

Track 1 Firth of Fifth
Album Selling England by the Pound (1973)
Artist Genesis
For me, Firth of Fifth really is one of the most fundamental and game changing pieces of music in progressive rock. Truly amazing!”

Track 2 Thru the Eyes of Ruby
Album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995)
Artist Smashing Pumpkins
The ending of this song forever changed my perception of what you can do with a rock song, and where you can take it. It is the pure sound of my teens, and I take great pride in being a Pumpkins fan with this song!”

Track 3 Raider ii
Album Grace for Drowning (2011)
Artist Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson has undergone many great works, especially with Porcupine Tree, but as a solo artist, my favourite album is Grace For Drowning, and why not kick things off with a 23 minutes long rock symphony?”


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