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Hola Celestials!
Summer is upon us and we’ve put together a little mixtape for those warm nights – just for your listening pleasure.
You’ll only find quality music on this list so kick back and let us ‘DJ’ you through that tan as it’s spreading across your face. Our June Spotify playlist consists of tracks we’ve been listening to this past month – not necessarily what we’re inspired by.
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Rasmus Sjøgren
Leadsinger, guitarist, keyboard, songwriter.

Track 1 No Mistakes
Album ye (2018)
Artist Kanye West
Alluring contrasts by the egocentric spitfire.”

Track 2 Ampersand
Album Side One (2005)
Artist Adrian Belew
The supergroup term taken to the extremes: what would you get if you were to season your daily King Crimson with the healing properties of Tool and then sprinkle on some nice crunchy Primus….? Well – listen for yourself man!”

Track 3 Wonderful Wonderful
Album Wonderful Wonderful (2017)
Artist The Killers
Surprisingly well crafted seashells by the pop dudes.

Jeppe Pradsgaard Holm
Keyboard, pads, effects.

Track 1 Everybody’s Coming To My House
Album American Utopia
Artist David Byrne

Track 2 Life’s What You Make It
Album Life’s What You Make It (single)
Artist Placebo

Track 3 Long Distance Runaraound
Album Fragile
Artist Yes

Kenneth Rønsholt Østergaard
Guitarist, backing vocals, keyboard.

Track 1 Déjame
Album Hillside Tunings
Artist Christian Alvad
“A great composer and master of the acoustic guitar, especially his slide guitar work on this track is simply brilliant.”

Track 2 I Spit Roses
Album Ninth
Artist Peter Murphy
“One of the godfathers of goth. I like the style and sound of his melodies and voice in genereal. Here on this track he sounds a bit drunk.”

Track 3 Old Man
Album Harvest
Artist Neil Young
“Such talent, voice and wisdom in such a young man (at the date of release) is just something you can’t let slide.”

Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen
Bass player

Track 1 Can we really party today?
Album Gentle Spirit (2011)
Artist Jonathan Wilson

Track 2 Hazey Jane I
Album Bryter Layter (1970)
Artist Nick Drake

Track 3 To Heal
Album Oblivion with Bells (2007)
Artist Underworld

Chris Bjørumslet

Track 1 Lithuania
Album A Livingroom Hush (2001)
Artist Jaga Jazzist
“Cosy cocktails in the sun.”

Track 2 Surf Solar
Album Tarot Sport (2009)
Artist Fuck Buttons
“Sensual soundscape attacks by Mr. Hung and Mr. Power.”

Track 3 Folkmusik för folk som inte kan bete sig som folk
AlbumFolkmusik för folk som inte kan bete sig som folk
Artist bob hund
“With bob hund, the score is always 1-0 to Sweden.”


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