Spotify Playlist - September 2018

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Hep Celestials!
We’re back with our monthly updated Spotify Playlist. This time it’s a collection of rainy Danish songs designed to make your autumnal particularly wet.
As always our September Spotify playlist consists of tracks we’ve been listening to this past month – not necessarily what we’re inspired by.
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Rasmus Sjøgren
Leadsinger, guitarist, keyboard, songwriter.

Track 1 Beautiful Balloon
Album A Triumph for Man (1997)
Artist Mew
First signs of these magicians abilities.”

Track 2 Among Eternity
Album (2018)
Artist We Are Negan
Hard-hitting bastard child from some of DK’s finest djent rockers – featuring members from CABAL, Days of June and Siamese.”

Jeppe Pradsgaard Holm
Keyboard, pads, effects.

Track 1 Into the trees (Serenetti pt. 3) 
Album The Last Resort
Artist Trentemøller
“Debut from one of the most defining artists in nordic electronica in this millenium.”

Track 2 Mirador
Album Parades
Artist Efterklang
“A totally unique approach to instrumentation – still a minimalistic moody soundscape that once again shows great musical abstraction from efterklang.”

Kenneth Rønsholt Østergaard
Guitarist, backing vocals, keyboard.

Track 1 Lever Vi Nu?
Album Kommer med Fred (2016)
Artist Spids Nøgenhat
“This time machine back to the Danish 70’s, with its psychedelic-hippie-like sound, goes well with the changing colors of the season.”

Track 2 Battering Ram
Album Tûndra (2014)
Artist Black Book Lodge
“Something that’s sure to warm your bones!.”

Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen
Bass player

Track 1 Du Drømmer om et Andet Sted
Album De Ti Skud (2004)
Artist Mikael Simpson

Track 2 Synchro
Album Synchro (2018)
Artist Noosfære
“I love this guy.”


Chris Bjørumslet

Track 1 Sophia
Album Forsvinder (2016)
Artist Bremer/Mccoy
“Soulful, meditative jazz by brilliant duo Jonathan Bremer and Morten Mccoy. Perfect album for a day of rainy windows.”

Track 2 I Love You
Album The Mothercycle (2017)
Artist The Mothercycle
“Simple and sexy bedroom tune by one of the most interesting Danish bands around right now.”


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