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Greetings Celestials!
You’re about to embark on a musical adventure of almost limitless joy and exciting findings as you’re fixating your ears upon our April Spotify playlist.
It consists of tracks we’ve been listening to this past month – not necessarily what we’re inspired by.
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Rasmus Sjøgren
Leadsinger, guitarist, keyboard, songwriter.

Track 1 Prelude to a Million Years
Album Five (2018)
Artist Tony Banks
The master returns with five epic orchestral pieces.

Track 2 Dirty Rain
Album Soul of an Octopus (2017)
Artist O.R.k.
Chilling sounds from the prog super group (Chris C. didn’t die in vain).”

Track 3 The Pleasant Surprise
Album The Direction of Last Things (2015)
Artist Intronaut

Jeppe Pradsgaard Holm
Keyboard, pads, effects.

Track 1 Loveless (6-25/6.00hr)
Album The Grid
Artist Mega Drive

Track 2 Oxygene, pt. 15
Album Oxygene 3
Artist Jean-Michele Jarre

Track 3 Around the Fur
Album Around the Fur
Artist Deftones

Kenneth Rønsholt Østergaard
Guitarist, backing vocals, keyboard.

Track 1 Held
Album Kiasmos
Artist Kiasmos
Upbeat, melodic and soulful Icelandic tunes.

Track 2 Crackerman
Album MTV Unplugged
Artist Stone Temple Pilots
I just love the 12-string guitar violence on this one.

Track 3 Digital Gerrymandering
Album The Direction of Last Things
Artist Intronaut
Simply high quality prog metal.

Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen
Bass player

Track 1 The Shooting Star
Album Magma (2016)
Artist Gojira
Amazing album.”

Track 2 Talktalk
Album Eat the Elephant (2018)
Artist A Perfect Circle
Can’t pick Tool (on Spotify).

Track 3 Deeper Understanding
Album The Sensual World (1989)
Artist Kate Bush

Chris Bjørumslet

Track 1 Warszawa
Album Low (1977)
Artist David Bowie
What’s to say really? An amazing track off an even more fantastic record! One of my favourite places to visit is this particular record. David also lives in my head. Him and Brian Eno each have their separate rooms. Sometimes I can hear them wander around, whistling and making coffee, smoking cigarettes, talking together.

Track 2 Dream Baby Dream
Album Dream Baby Dream – single (1979)
Artist Suicide
A pure gem that always makes me smile. A lot of music owe Alan Vega and Martin Rev a huge debt! As a musician, and a fan, I’m always swimming in their river.

Track 3 Pink Turns to Blue
Album Zen Arcade
Artist Hüsker Dü
This record was quite a game changer for me. It had a profound effect of how I view rock music as a whole, and it’s one of those records that has formed me into the musician I am today.


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