Death Wish video out today!

It is with the outmost pride I can now reveal the third video from our upcoming album Saturn’s Return. I give you Death Wish.

Like the All I Ever Wanted video it’s with Karim Ghahwagi as director. I’ve had such a great time collaborating with Karim and I really feel that we spin the same way both personally, professionally and creatively. We have the same passion for making surreal and powerfull art even if the idea demands crazy and often hard work and strains.

This one was no different and I think the outcome is extremely powerfull and with Karim’s eye for capturing beauty in every shot the video shines so bright along the pretty cinematic track.

The magazine Bands of Tomorrow wrote a great article on the video as they did an exclusive premiere. Read it here:
Bands of Tomorrows article

Well, I hope you like it.

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